Download Google Camera for Oppo A39 [GCam v9.2]

Google Camera for Oppo A39: Smartphones are becoming necessary, with the camera becoming one of the most essential features for users. Capturing precious moments with clarity and vividness is now a top priority, and smartphone manufacturers continuously strive to deliver the best camera experience to their customers.

Oppo, a prominent player in the smartphone industry, has been making impressive strides in camera technology. However, for those seeking an enhanced camera experience on their Oppo A39, the Google Camera app might be the solution they are looking for.

Download Google Camera for Oppo A39 [GCam v8.9]
Google Camera for Oppo A39


What is Google Camera or GCam APK?

Google Camera, also known as GCam, is a camera application developed by Google specifically for its Pixel lineup of smartphones. 

Initially exclusive to Pixel devices, the GCam app gained notoriety for its ability to produce stunning images, even on mid-range and older Pixel models. 

Due to its success, developers from the Android community started porting the GCam app to other non-Pixel Android devices, allowing users to enjoy its features and capabilities on their respective smartphones.

GCam APK, in this context, refers to the APK (Android Package Kit) file of the Google Camera app. 

The installation file can be downloaded outside the official Google Play Store on compatible Android devices. 

The GCam APK, when properly ported to a compatible smartphone, enhances its photography capabilities significantly, often surpassing the stock camera app’s performance.

GCam APK vs Oppo A39 Stock Camera

Let’s compare the GCam APK with the Oppo A39 Stock Camera to see how they stack against each other.

User Interface

GCam APKOppo A39 Stock Camera
Intuitive and minimalistic designUser-friendly interface with easy navigation
Quick access to various shooting modes and settingsConvenient mode switching and customization options

Image Quality

GCam APKOppo A39 Stock Camera
Enhanced dynamic range and better exposureGood overall image quality with a decent dynamic range
Improved low-light performance and reduced noiseAcceptable low-light performance, but more noise in dim conditions
More accurate colours and natural tonesVibrant colours with slight oversaturation at times

Portrait Mode

GCam APKOppo A39 Stock Camera
Bokeh effect with precise subject separationDecent background blur but may struggle with complex scenes
Effective edge detection for accurate portraitsOccasional inaccuracies in edge detection
Adjustable depth-of-field after capturingLimited post-capture adjustments

Night Mode

GCam APKOppo A39 Stock Camera
Remarkable night mode performance with bright and detailed imagesDedicated night mode with acceptable results but less detail
Reduced noise and enhanced clarity in low-light scenariosSome loss of detail and visible noise in extreme darkness
Better preservation of highlights and shadowsSlightly crushed shadows and blown-out highlights in some cases

AI and Computational Photography

GCam APKOppo A39 Stock Camera
Powerful AI-driven features for scene recognitionAI scene detection for improved settings and optimizations
Astrophotography mode for capturing stunning night sky shotsNo dedicated astrophotography mode
Advanced image stacking for improved HDR and detailStandard HDR processing with less stacking

Video Recording

GCam APKOppo A39 Stock Camera
Supports higher video resolutions and frame ratesCapable of recording up to [insert details]
More efficient video stabilizationEffective EIS for smoother videos
Enhanced video dynamic rangeDecent video quality with limited dynamic range

Best Recommended Version of Google Camera for Oppo A39

We all know the official non-availability of GCam for non-pixel devices; hence, finding the best version with your Oppo A39 becomes essential. 

The recommended version of Google Camera for Oppo A39 is-


The community has tested This particular version extensively, and has shown excellent compatibility and performance on the Oppo A39.

BSG GCam Port

  1. Advanced Image Processing 
  2. Night Sight Mode
  3. Portrait Mode Excellence
  4. Astrophotography
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Greatness GCam Port

  1. Stability
  2. Multiple Camera Modes
  3. Optimized Image Quality
  4. Astrophotography Mode

Arnova8G2 GCam Port

  1. Portrait Mode and Night Sight
  2. Improved HDR+

Top Features of the Google Camera (GCam Apk)


SMART BURST is an intelligent burst mode available in Google Camera, designed to capture a series of rapid-fire photos with just a single press of the shutter button. This feature lets you seize those fleeting moments in action, ensuring you never miss a critical shot again.

About SMART BURST Feature

Creating Animated Photos (Motion Photos)

GCam’s SMART BURST feature allows you to create captivating Motion Photos. These are essentially short animated clips that include the moments just before and after the primary shot was taken. 

This feature adds a touch of life and interactivity to your still photos, making your memories even more memorable.

Perfect for Low-Light Conditions

In low-light situations, getting a clear and sharp photo can be challenging due to the limited exposure time. 

With SMART BURST, you increase the likelihood of capturing a well-exposed image, as it combines data from multiple frames to reduce noise and improve overall image quality.


The HDR+ feature takes multiple shots of the same scene at varying exposure levels, ranging from underexposed to overexpose. 

The algorithm then combines these shots to create a single composite image that optimizes the brightness, contrast, and colour representation, resulting in a photograph with rich details across the entire dynamic range.

About HDR+ Feature

Enhanced Color Accuracy

The HDR+ algorithm optimizes colour representation, ensuring that the hues in the photograph appear more natural and true to life. This adds an extra layer of realism to the images and makes them more visually appealing.

Reduced Motion Blur

When capturing images in low-light or challenging situations, it is common to encounter motion blur due to shaky hands. The HDR+ feature helps mitigate this issue by combining multiple shots, resulting in sharper and more focused images.


The Night Vision feature works by analyzing various elements in the frame, such as shadows, highlights, and mid-tones. It then blends these exposures to reveal details otherwise lost in the dark.

About Night Vision Feature

Ideal for Astrophotography

With its ability to brighten up even the darkest corners of the universe, GCam Apk becomes a powerful tool for capturing awe-inspiring shots of stars, constellations, and even the Milky Way.

The Art of Silhouettes

Night Vision also embraces the art of silhouettes. Whether it’s a romantic couple under a streetlight or a lone figure against a shimmering skyline, the feature can transform these silhouettes into poetic masterpieces, adding an extra layer of depth and emotion to your photographs.

Spectacular Cityscapes

The allure of city lights at night is undeniable, and Night Vision is the perfect companion for urban explorers. It effortlessly captures the dazzling beauty of cityscapes, making them appear even more enchanting than in reality.


It is an advanced image processing technique that utilizes artificial intelligence and computational photography to enhance the quality of photos. 

When you open GCam and switch to the LENS INTEGRATION mode, the camera automatically detects the scene and intelligently applies the best possible settings to capture stunning shots.

About Lens Integration Feature

Super Res Zoom

LENS INTEGRATION introduces Super Res Zoom, which uses AI-based techniques to produce higher-resolution zoomed-in images. This results in sharper and more detailed zoom shots than the standard digital zoom.

Real-Time Analysis

It continuously analyzes the scene in real-time, adjusting settings on-the-fly to ensure that you capture the perfect shot. It adapts to various scenarios, such as landscapes, portraits, macro, etc.

HDR+ Enhancement

This model is well-known for its ability to preserve details in an image’s highlight and shadow areas. With LENS INTEGRATION, HDR+ becomes even more powerful, creating striking images with balanced exposure and an incredible dynamic range.


The feature of Lens Blur in Google Camera allows users to simulate the bokeh effect, a term derived from the Japanese word “boke,” which refers to the aesthetic quality of the out-of-focus area in an image. 

To get the most out of Lens Blur, keep these points into consideration-


Having adequate lighting is essential for any photography, and it also significantly impacts the bokeh effect. Well-lit subjects stand out better from the background, producing a more pleasing blur.

Right Subject

Please choose a subject that stands out from the background and has some distance between them. This separation helps create a more pronounced bokeh effect.

Steady Hand

Keep your hand steady while capturing the Lens Blur shot to avoid any unwanted blurriness in the subject.


This effect beautifully blurs the background while keeping the subject in sharp focus, akin to what high-end DSLR cameras can achieve with their wide-aperture lenses. 

GCam’s Portrait Mode works its magic through software algorithms and the dual-camera setup (or multiple camera lenses) available on specific devices. 

The app distinguishes the subject from the background by utilizing the depth information from the additional camera sensors or data from the primary sensor.

How to master Portrait mode

Proper Light

Ensure sufficient lighting is on the subject to improve the overall quality of the portrait. Natural light is often the best choice, producing more pleasing results.

Distance from the subject

Make sure to maintain a proper distance between the subject and the camera. Getting too close can lead to distortion, while too far may reduce the bokeh effect.

Steady Hands

Keep your hands steady while capturing the shot to avoid any blurriness. Alternatively, rest your phone using a tripod or a stable surface.

Edit Carefully

After capturing the portrait, you can enhance the image using photo editing apps. Adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation can help fine-tune the final result.


These are a collection of sophisticated filters and enhancements that allow you to transform your ordinary snapshots into visually captivating masterpieces.

 With a single tap, you can apply these effects and instantly elevate your photos’ mood, tone, and overall appeal.

About Photo Effects

HDR+ (High Dynamic Range+)

HDR+ works wonders in tricky lighting conditions, balancing exposure and enhancing details in shadows and highlights. 

The result? Breathtaking photos with stunning clarity and colour accuracy.

Colour Pop

You can turn your images into captivating works of art by keeping the subject in colour while converting the background to black and white.

 This effect adds a touch of drama and emphasis to your photos.

Pop Color

Now you can boost the vibrancy and saturation of your images with Pop Color. This effect works wonders with photos that lack the punch, instantly making them eye-catching and lively.


The GCam Apk has been ported to various Android devices, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of Google’s camera software on non-Pixel phones. While the primary camera interface is user-friendly and straightforward, the real magic lies within the “Change Photo Modes” feature.

Tips for Optimal Use

Using the Different Modes

Never step back to explore and try various modes in different shooting conditions. Each mode is designed for specific scenarios, so using the appropriate one can significantly enhance your photo quality.

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Keeping the phone steady

Few modes, like Astrophotography and Night Sight, require longer exposure times. To avoid blurriness, use a tripod or place your phone on a stable surface when using these modes.

Setting and Edits

GCam usually offers additional settings and editing options for each mode. Take advantage of these adjustments to fine-tune your photos and achieve the desired results.


Enabling the HDR mode in the GCam app and taking a photo capture multiple images at different exposure levels quickly. 

It then combines these images to create a single composite photo with a balanced exposure. The result is an image that preserves intricate details, highlights, and shadows, making it look more natural and appealing to the eye.

Tips for Making the Most of HDR and Low-Light Detection

Do not overuse HDR

Of course, HDR is an excellent tool for balancing exposure, but it’s essential to do just what is necessary. In some situations, such as portraits or well-lit scenes, HDR may not be necessary and could lead to an unnatural look. Use your judgment and disable HDR when it’s not needed.

Try Manual Controls

Indeed the GCam app does an excellent job with its automated HDR and Low-Light Detection, but remember to experiment with manual controls. Adjusting exposure, white balance, and ISO settings can sometimes yield even better results in challenging lighting conditions.

Capture Candid Moments

Low-light settings often create a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Utilize the Low-Light Detection feature to capture those precious candid moments without a flash, which can sometimes be harsh and distracting.


Slow-motion videos changed the way we perceive and relive experiences. By recording videos at higher frame rates and then playing them back at regular speed, slow-motion videos allow us to witness every intricate detail we would typically miss in real-time. 

This creates a mesmerizing effect that can make even the most mundane events captivating.

Whether it’s a droplet of water falling gently into a pond, the graceful dance of a butterfly, or your dog joyfully bounding towards you, slow-motion videos add a touch of magic to these everyday moments. 

It’s like having the power to manipulate time, allowing us to marvel at the hidden beauty in the simplest things.

How to Master the Art

Selecting the Right Subject

Look for subjects with dynamic movements or those with a natural flow. Waterfalls, moving vehicles, or sports activities are excellent options.


Use a tripod or stabilize your smartphone on a steady surface for smooth slow-motion videos. Shaky footage can diminish the overall effect.

Check the Speeds

You can try different slow-motion speeds to find the one that suits your subject best. Some actions may look more captivating at 120fps, while others might shine at 240fps.

Edit with Caution

Once you are done capturing your slow-motion footage, consider using video editing software to trim, enhance, and add music to your video to create a captivating final product.


The “Make GIFs” feature within GCam is a gem for those looking to add fun and creativity to their photographs. 

It allows users to create animated GIFs directly from their photos without external apps. Whether you want to capture a moment of laughter, showcase a series of events, or create a captivating loop, this feature has covered you.

How do you access the “Make GIFs” Feature?

It is simple to access the “Make GIFs” feature. 

After opening the Google Camera app, swipe left on the camera screen until you come across the “More” option!

Tap on it, and a list of additional features will appear. One of these features is “Make GIFs.”

How do you create GIFs with GCam?


Framing the Shot

Focus your camera on the subject you wish to animate. 

Consider capturing a moment with motion, like someone blowing out candles or a pet doing a trick.

Clip Recording

Press and hold the shutter button to start recording your GIF. 

Remember that GIFs are short, so a few seconds should be enough.

Applying Effects (If required)

GCam offers some basic editing tools to enhance your GIFs. 

You can add filters, adjust brightness, contrast, and more to give your GIFs a unique touch.

Save and Share

Once you rate complete your creation, tap on the save button. 

Your GIF will be saved to your device’s gallery and shared with friends and family.


Short and Crisp

GIFs are about brevity, so keep the clip under 5 seconds for optimal impact.

Use Stabilization

To avoid shaky GIFs, consider using the stabilization feature while recording.


Explore the various editing options available to add personality to your GIFs.

Video Stability

When you start recording a video, the app continuously measures the device’s orientation and motion. These measurements then adjust the video frames in real-time, compensating for any shakes or jitters.


Keep Smooth Movements

While Video Stability is quite effective at compensating for minor shakes, it’s still best to keep your movements as smooth as possible for optimal results. 

Slow and deliberate panning and steady hand movements will further enhance the stability of your videos.

Avoid extremity

It may not eliminate shakes during extremely turbulent conditions or intense physical activities. 

Using additional stabilizing equipment in such situations can provide even better results.

GCam: What’s working?

The GCam app is known for its sophisticated image processing algorithms and cutting-edge AI features, significantly enhancing photo quality on compatible devices.

What’s working?

  • HDR+ Technology
  • Night Sight Mode
  • Portrait Mode
  • Astrophotography Mode
  • Super Res Zoom
  • Top-Notch Image Processing
  • Software Updates and Improvements

GCam What’s Not Working?

Developed by Google, GCam promises to elevate your smartphone photography experience. However, like any other app, it has its challenges. 

What needs to be improved?

  • Compatibility Issues
  • Missing Features
  • Performance and Stability
  • Minor Slow Motion and Video Recording Issues

Check Camera2API on Oppo A39

To check if your Oppo A39 supports Camera2API, follow these simple steps:

Step 1- Download a Camera2API Probe App

You can download a Camera2API Probe app from the Google Play Store. Several available apps are specifically designed to check Camera2API support on Android devices.

Step 2- Install and Open the Camera2API Probe App

Once the app is downloaded, install it on your Oppo A39 device. Open the app to initiate the compatibility test.

Step 3- Do the compatibility test

You will find an option to run the compatibility test. Tap on it, and the app will perform a series of tests to check if Camera2API is enabled on your Oppo A39.

Step 4- Check the Results

The app will display the results indicating whether Camera2API is supported or not.

Check Camera2API

Steps to Load/Import XML Config Files on Oppo A39?

Step 1: Find the XML Config Files

You need to find XML config files that suit your needs and preferences. These files can be found on various forums, websites, or user communities dedicated to Android customization.

Step 2: Data Backup

It’s essential to back up your data to prevent potential loss if something goes wrong.

Step 3: Enable Developer Options

To do this, go to “Settings” > “About phone” > “Software information.” 

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Here, find the “Build number” and tap it multiple times (usually 7 times) until a message pops up saying, “You are now a developer.”

Step 4: Access Developer Options

Go back to the main “Settings” page, and you’ll find a new option called “Developer Options” listed above “About phone.” Tap on it to open.

Step 5: Enable USB Debugging

In the Developer Options menu, locate “USB debugging” and enable it.

Step 6: Connect Oppo A39 to Your Computer

Use a USB cable to connect your Oppo A39 to your computer.

Step 7: Transfering the XML Config Files

Copy the files and paste them into the internal storage of your Oppo A39.

Step 8: Import the XML Config Files

Go to the “Settings” menu and access “Developer Options” again. Look for an option like “Load XML Config” or “Import Config.”

Step 9- Configure and Reboot 

Select the XML config file you want to import and tap on “Apply” or “Load” to implement the changes. It’s recommended to restart your Oppo A39.

Download GCam App or Google Camera for Oppo A39

Google Camera (GCam) has become a must-have for many Android users. The advanced features and capabilities of the app have made it a popular choice for photographers and those who want to take better pictures with their smartphones. But unfortunately, GCam is not available for many Android devices, including the Oppo A39.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is download the GCam For Oppo A39. There are several versions of the app available, so you may need to experiment to find the one that works best for your device. You can find several versions of the APK on various websites, such as “GCamApk.CA“.

Step 2

Once you’ve downloaded the APK, you need to enable Unknown Sources in your device’s settings. This will allow you to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Step 3

Now, open the APK file you downloaded, and you’ll see the installation screen. Tap Install and wait for the installation to finish. Once the installation is complete, open the app, and you’ll be ready to start taking amazing photos with Google Camera.


That’s all there is to it. With a few simple steps, you can now enjoy the advanced features of Google Camera on the Oppo A39. So, what are you waiting for? Download the GCam Apk and get started taking stunning photos with your Oppo A39.

Download Google Camera On Android

NameGoogle Camera (GCam) APK
Updated versionv8.9.097 (Latest)
App size21 MB
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Requires4.0.3 and up
Total no. of installs100 Million +

🔰 Note: Before you will get started with this Google camera app, the Camera2API must be enabled; if not then, “Check This Guide

How to install Google Camera APK on Oppo A39?

Install the Google Camera APK

Once the APK file is downloaded, follow these steps to install the Google Camera app:

1st Step

First, you’ll need to download the latest version of GCam Apk. You can find the latest version of the app by searching “GCam Apk” in your favorite search engine. Once you’ve downloaded the file, you’ll need to enable “Unknown Sources” on your device. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle the switch to On.

2nd Step

Next, you’ll need to install the app. To do this, open the file manager on your device and locate the GCam Apk file you downloaded earlier. Tap on the file to begin the installation process. Once the installation is complete, you can open the app and begin using it.

3rd Step

Finally, you’ll need to configure the app for your device. To do this, open the app and select “Settings” from the main menu.

4th Step

You’ll then be presented with several options, including “Camera API” and “Advanced Settings”.

5th Step

Select “Camera API” and select “Google Camera API” from the list of options. You can then select “Advanced Settings” and adjust any settings you’d like to customize the app for your device.

🔰 Note: In some cases you might face an error message while installing this google camera app on your Oppo A39 phone, and it will forcefully stop working. In that case, we would suggest checking out the subsequent steps.

When you have successfully completed the installation process, but this app isn’t able to open, then you follow these below instruction:

  • First of all, Go to the Settings option on your phone.
  • Then scroll down and you will see “Apps” option. Click on it.
  • Then you will sell apps which installed on your phone. Search here “Google Camera” App and open it.
Gcam Clear Cache
  • Then Click on the Storage & Cache → Clear storage and Clear Cache.

Advantages of using the Google Camera

Powerful HDR+ Technology

HDR+ automatically combines multiple shots at different exposures, enhancing the dynamic range and producing vibrant, well-balanced photos.

Night Sight – Mastering Low-Light Photography

Using advanced algorithms, Night Sight brightens and sharpens images taken in near-darkness without a flash.

Top-Notch Portrait Mode

The camera can effectively distinguish the subject from the background using machine learning and AI, creating a professional-looking shallow depth-of-field effect.


Q: Why does my Google Camera keep stopping?

A: There could be many reasons like-
Updates– If your device recently received a software update, it might have introduced compatibility issues with the Google Camera app.
Glitch– Temporary glitches or bugs within the app
Conflicting App- Sometimes, other third-party camera apps or recently installed apps might interfere with the proper functioning of Google Camera.

Q: Is Google Camera better than a Stock Camera?

A: Generally, most users consider Google Camera superior to Stock Cameras due to its advanced features and computational photography capabilities.

Google’s camera algorithms and software optimizations often improve image quality, especially in low-light conditions and high-dynamic range scenes.

Q: Is Google Camera safe to install on Android?

A: Google Camera is safe to install, especially if you download it from official sources like the Google Play Store or reputable developers’ websites.

Q: Which Google Camera version should I use for Oppo A39?

A: The appropriate Google Camera version for your Oppo A39 depends on the compatibility and functionality offered by various GCam ports.

The best choice can vary depending on the Android version running on your device and the camera hardware it features.

Q: What is the performance of their back cameras using Google Camera in low light?

A: Yes, using Google Camera on the Oppo A39 can lead to a noticeable improvement in low-light photography. Google Camera’s computational photography algorithms, such as Night Sight, can capture more light and produce better-exposed and sharper images in low-light conditions than the stock camera app.

Q: Is Google Camera better than the Oppo A39 camera?

A: Usually, Google Camera produces better image quality than the stock camera app on Oppo A39.

Google Camera’s computational photography capabilities, such as HDR+ and Night Sight, allow it to capture more detailed and vibrant images, especially in challenging lighting conditions.

Q: Google Camera crashing just after being opened on Oppo A39?

A: The most common reasons for the app crashing on Oppo A39 include compatibility issues, software glitches, insufficient permissions, outdated app versions, or conflicts with other camera apps.

Q: How to Use Astrophotography on Oppo A39?

A: Make sure to have the latest software version of Oppo A39
Open the camera and go to the “More” button and select “Starry Mode” or “Astrophotography” mode from the list of camera modes
The phone would naturally detect low-light conditions
Hold the phone steady or use a tripod for the best results

Q: Why Google Camera isn’t available on Google Play Store?

A: GCam is designed and optimized specifically for Google Pixel devices. Hence, it is not officially available for download on the Google Play Store for non-Pixel Android smartphones or other platforms.

Q: Can I install GCam on any phone?

A: Technically, GCam is explicitly designed for Google Pixel devices. However, various developers and modders in the Android community have worked on porting GCam to other devices. Therefore, the possibility of installing GCam on your phone depends on its hardware, software, and whether a compatible port exists.

Q: Can’t view photos/videos from inside GCam on Oppo A39?

A: There could be various factors like Storage Permission, GCam Configuration, full storage, Corrupted Media Files, App Update Needed, Incompatible GCam Version, Clear Cache, Restart the Phone, Check for Conflicting Apps, and Phone Software Update.


By integrating GCam on the Oppo A39, the results are outstanding, and it delivers remarkable imaging results and sets a high standard for smartphone photography.

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