Download Google Camera Go (GCam Go) APK [HDR+, Night Mode & Portrait]

Every smartphone company uses a different interface setting or uses standard stock Android. Despite this, every Android interface ecosystem operates differently, and each has its own unique characteristics and features. Nevertheless, entry-level makers did not even take advantage of native camera software, resulting in very poor image and video quality.

As camera software consumes a lot of energy, it puts a lot of strain on your internal hardware, particularly if you have a low-end processor in your smartphone. On the other hand, there’s a good chance you will not get the quality they advertise for an inbuilt camera.

However, you did not have to worry as this article contains link to download Google Camera Go (GCam Go) APK Latest Version (2023) which enhances the overall software aspect of the camera panel and offers a lot of exclusive features so you can install it on the go.

Download Google Camera Go (GCam Go) APK [HDR+, Night Mode & Portrait]
Google Camera Go (GCam Go) APK

What is Google Camera Go (GCam Go APK)?

It is Google’s version of the Google Camera designed for low-end smartphones. It doesn’t have the same camera API requirements as GCam, but it occasionally produces better images than the stock camera. Camera Go is also known as GCam Go.

Google Camera Go (GCam Go APK) is an excellent application that offers features like night mode, HDR, portrait, and many others for the Android Go version smartphones and can be downloaded for free. There are numerous well-known developers across the web who have developed a ported version of the official Google camera.

Moreover, in response to user demand, the Camera Go APK is released, which is aimed at specific entry-level smartphones. It was already popular in the tech community when the Google Camera was released.

GCam now opens doors for devices with low-end specs that couldn’t take advantage of it before. It’s pretty impressive that a single camera can have HDR, portrait and AI beauty features.


Download Google Camera Go (GCam Go) APK [HDR+, Night Mode & Portrait]

Download Google Camera Go (GCam Go) APK [HDR+, Night Mode & Portrait]

Google Camera Go (GCam Go APK) Features:

There are some parts of Gcam Go that run on 64-bit. In this case, the 32-bit phone will not be able to handle these kinds of Gcam Go cameras. Therefore, you should try installing the Gcam Go apk. The following information will explain some of the amazing features of Gcam Go.

Ultra-wide lens support added – This ultra-wide angle lens provides an even wider view than an average wide-angle lens due to its shorter focal length. Choose the lens you want to use, ‘wide angle mode’ this will capture a picture at an extremely wide angle.

  • Support for many devices has been fixed, including the Redmi Note 7 series and a few Samsung devices.
  • The apk version now supports 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.
  • Added HDR+ support and improved color correction. Using this function, you can capture multiple exposures at different brightness levels and combine them into one picture to improve dynamic range.
  • Night mode has also been improved. The feature enables users to take high-quality photos in low-light conditions by utilizing advanced image processing methods.
  • Layout and GUI have been updated.
  • When using Portrait Mode, you can focus on your subject while the background is gently blurred to give your photos a professional appearance.
  • In Night Mode, you can capture memories without flashing at any time of the day, maintaining rich colors and crisp details.
  • Camera Go ensures that you never miss a moment by enabling you to free up space for your photos when you need it most with its smart storage features and early warning notifications.
  • Camera Go includes Google Lens, which lets you view foreign text in your own language by pointing your camera’s lens at it.
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The following features are also supported by GCam Go

  • New UI
  • RAW support
  • The new panorama interface eliminates the need for blue dots and manual snaps – just pan around and you’re done
  • There is now a Natural and SoftFocus slider for portrait mode, available from Google Photos (replacing Pop slider, which has been converted to a Color & Pop tile in the filters list).
  • To access the Lens mode quickly, hold down the long press button on the viewfinder
  • In panorama mode, you can toggle audio recording
  • Live lens
  • Night sight
  • Group selfies
  • Super Res Zoom, with this feature, zooming in on subjects is improved with computational photography techniques, resulting in clearer, more detailed images.
  • H265 video recording
  • Motion autofocus
  • Top shot
  • Photo booth

Download Google Camera Go (GCam Go APK)

File NameGoogle Camera GO (GCam Go APK)
RequiresAndroid 8.0 or Lower
Last Update1 Day Ago

Where to how to download Google Camera Go (GCam Go APK) Latest Version (2023)?

Below you will find the list of devices that work with the GCam Go APK. It includes over 100+ mobile devices on which the application can be easily downloaded without any hassle. You can download this application regardless of whether your phone runs Android GO or another interface.

It is evident that the Google Camera app does not work on devices that do not have pixels. It is why developer therefore developed GCAM Go. On the other hand, if you have a low-end smartphone, you can use Gcam GO. It is a super lightweight app designed for devices that run Android Go. 

This latest version of Google Camera Go 3.8 is now available for Android devices running OS 13, 12, 11, 10, 9 Pie, 8, or even older versions of Android.

Many people have trouble installing Gcam Go on Android devices. The following procedure will guide you through the installation of Gcam Go. Take the time to read each instruction carefully. Then, follow every instruction. There are many benefits included in GCam Go, and we hope you enjoy them to the fullest.

  • The first step is to download the new version of GCam Go APK file.
  • Next, in order to download the GCam Go APK, click on the respective smartphone model and ensure that “Install from unknown sources” is enabled on your device. If not, select the ‘unknown source’ option under settings > privacy and security.
  • Click the install button in the package installer, which will launch the installation process.
  • After the installation has been completed, open the program and start using it.
  • You can now enjoy GCam Go Apk on your Android device.
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GCam Go APK for Android 12

The GCam Go APK for Android 12 has an extensive range of functionality, including basic utilities as well as exciting customization options. It is now important for Android 12 to include artificial intelligence, which is beneficial to users worldwide. A great example of Google’s AI prowess on Pixel smartphones is Google Camera, a product built using artificial intelligence to provide unparalleled capabilities.

There are two Google Camera apps for Pixel smartphones and one Google Camera Go app for Android 12 Go Edition. Before the Android 12 update, there were large differences between these apps, but both apps now come with similar functionality, so the gap has been filled.

  • In addition, all new Pixel camera features have been ported to Gcam Go 3.8.47 APK, including night mode, 100 xs zoom, AUX, and filter modes.
  • Gcam Go 3.8.47 is compatible with most Android 12 smartphones. With no minimum hardware requirements or camera2api dependencies, Gcam Go has excellent compatibility compared to Gcam Mod apps.

How to use Google Camera Go (GCam Go) APK Latest Version (2023)?

To use the Google Camera Go (GCam Go) APK Latest Version (2023) follow these steps:

  • First install the app on your device.
  • Take a photo or video of the subject by pointing the camera at it.
  • You can take a photo or record a video by tapping and holding the camera shutter button.
  • The camera switch button is located in the top right corner of the screen. Tap it to switch between the front and rear cameras.
  • You can adjust the camera settings by tapping the settings icon in the left corner. By doing so, you can adjust settings such as resolution, white balance, and exposure.
  • There are a number of special camera modes available through the Google Camera Go (GCam Go), which are accessed via the mode switcher button on the bottom center of the screen or by swiping from the left edge. In each mode, you can adjust its own options and settings.

Is Camera Go APK worth installing?

In my opinion, the best feature of Camera Go APK is its ability to enhance low-light images, which wasn’t even available in some mid-range devices. It also includes other pretty awesome features, including HDR+, portrait mode, and night mode.

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Furthermore, selfies lovers will love this app since it offers front-facing portrait features that enable you to take selfies at a whole new level. In addition, a 10X zoom feature is included to make this smartphone comparable to those with premium features.

The other prime reason for installing the mod version of Camera Go APK is, it presents you with its fascinating features in just 13 MB, while GCam takes more than 100 MB of data to install. Furthermore, the Camera Go APK did not require rooting your Android device.

Lastly, this application is made just for smartphones with single cameras or MediaTek or Snapdragon processors that are under the hood of low-end smartphones.

This range doesn’t typically offer high-quality modifications. You also get plenty of resources when you download GCam Go APK, making your overall photo-taking experience even more enjoyable.


Q: Does GCam Go outperform stock cameras?

A: It’s true that the GCam is much better than the stock camera on your phone, and you can’t access the additional features with the stock camera. It also features futuristic features, so it’s a good alternative to the default camera application.

Q: What are the benefits of GCam Go?

A: It includes a variety of benefits including HDR, portrait mode, Night mode, and many other features that improve the quality of images and videos. If you are using an Android Go device, the GCam Go is a great choice.

Q: Is it safe to install GCam Go APK on Android?

A: As GCam Go APK is developed by well-known developers, you can install it safely on any Android device. Also, the application undergoes a security check, so you don’t have to worry.

Q: How Gcam Go APK version is it different from other camera apps?

A: Using Gcam Go APK latest version, you will be able to take great pictures with a wide range of advanced features on affordable smartphones. There are no minimum hardware requirements for this camera app, unlike other camera apps that require camera2api. There are many features that make it one of the best smartphone cameras, including Night Mode and computational photography technology.

Wrapping up!

GCam Go is a great solution for improving image quality, video quality, as well as HDR and portrait formats. Google Camera, on the other hand, works efficiently on some devices and has more adjustments to offer, as well as a better software system.

However, it does not work with most low-end devices. After learning that GCam Go APK has been specially designed for entry-level smartphones, it is a safer bet. Overall, GCam Go is all about the application. We hope you find this information helpful, still if you have any questions or concerns, let us know in the comment section below.

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